Wednesday, 10 February 2016

It takes a lot of imagination to mix fashion and technology

We have reached a time in our society where it is impossible to live without modern communication gadgets like smartphones, iPads and smart watches because they keep us connected. At the same time we are also very image conscious and not only want to lead a healthy life but also look smart while doing it. But for a long time our fashion sense and our love for technology could not co-exist. We had to potter around carrying our gadgets feeling uncomfortable and at times when the battery is running low not finding a socket to charge it. Then we were just carrying cool stuff which we could not use because we were limited.

However with the advent of Evolution Wear all this has changed and now we can carry all our cool electronic gadgets and never worry about low battery power because everything is available in the jacket. It sounds like science fiction but it is a reality because that is the power of human spirit which allows us to stay in touch and at the same time be a part of nature. Clothing from Evolution Wear allows a individual to carry smartphone and iPad without worrying and at the same time look cool because it is now possible to mix fashion and technology and look sharp.

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